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Astrid Brinas

Yoga personal coach

I was born in the fields of Lyon, where I saw the sun rise every morning on Mont Blanc. I grew up very sensitive to energies and creation itself. Daughter of dance, emotional, empathetic and gifted with a strong personality, helping others has always been obvious to me.

Encouraged to study in parallel to dance, I turned to the languages ​​that will have allowed me to make a crazy dream come true, that of traveling through America. From Ushuaia to the USA I was able to see the world with a little more clarity, taking into account that nothing is forever, but that the magnificence of the world is a reality without limits. Both in stone and in flesh. The souls that I met there and whose splendor is only equal to Love and in which I have found invaluable lessons in life and spirituality, accompany me at all times. Then I was working in energy as an executive assistant in the renewable energy sector. There I suffered great stress that led to exhaustion and depression.

Ayurveda and Shibu

To apply what I had learned on my journey and to try to transform my life, I entered the world of Ayurvedic massage. My curiosity about Ayurveda grew and I read Dr. Deepak Chopra, The Perfect Health and kept learning about massage techniques. At the end of 2016 I went to India to train with the best. There I met Shibu who trains me in his regenerative Ayurvedic massage technique, Ayurveda and finally Yoga in its traditional and therapeutic way. It literally transforms me.

Diploma and Success

My Regenerative Yoga Therapy training diploma in India was a liberation and a revelation. The practice of yogic techniques has allowed me to free myself of all the stress and discomfort that had accumulated and that terribly undermined my physical and moral health. Thanks to Yoga, my Karma, the blessing of my teachers and Ayurveda, I now live in the immensity of Gratitude, I have found my inner peace and I have reconnected with my obvious: help my neighbor.

Shibu Kuriakose

Yoga personal coach

I was born in Kerala, South India famous for Ayurveda culture in a family where several of the members were blessed with healing hands. My uncle started me in Yoga and a friend of his in Ayurveda. Later I began informally in meditation with a guru who taught me the importance of this yogic technique for awakening the brain and obtaining higher information. I was studying and practicing Yoga and Ayurveda while working as a therapist in Goa.

Then I opened my own Yoga and Ayurveda center in Goa, specializing in detoxification. At that time I was doing physical therapy only in a traditional way which is a strong massage, emphasizing on releasing body stress and physical pain only. But he was not worried or conscious on an emotional or mental level. Thanks to this experience working with many foreigners, I understood how to approach the body through the mind.

Learning and success

The physical body relaxes the mind and then reverses the strategy. Relaxing the mind relaxes the body, more easily. Meditation began to seriously impact my life. I dreamed of my grandfather who lives in Kerala. My intuition and cosmic help, let me get to him a few hours before he passed away. I felt like it was waiting for me and since then meditation always helps me manage the journey of my life. Meditation also helped me develop a deep understanding of stress management for lasting results. The success I was facing made me run my own Eco Resort, Buddha’s Garden, for 10 years. A place with 12 bamboo huts, with an Ayurvedic treatment center and a yoga platform, on the beautiful Morjim beach. I kept doing Ayurvedic massage workshops.


In 2017 during an Ayurvedic massage workshop in Goa, I met Astrid, drawn to the spiritual life and Ayurveda. We found a deep connection and decided to get married. Now, we want to bring the concept of holistic health and wellness to France, to bring a bit of India to those who simply cannot travel there. Helping people to feel good and happy is our karmic mission, much needed in this period of stress. With all these years of practice and experience, my method has evolved to reach the level of transformation that we propose. It works wonders to energize, purify, give a deep rest to body and mind. Stimulates the immune system, the kundalini and the chakras. Helps revitalize and rejuvenate immediately. Health and happiness are the consequence of achieving peace and harmony between inner and outer life. It can be achieved by changing your lifestyle, following Yogic and Ayurvedic principles.

You could meet us at Buddha’s Garden …

10 years of Shibu Kuriakose experiences with their own Eco Resort in Goa. A place with 12 bamboo huts, with an Ayurvedic treatment center and a yoga platform, on the beautiful Morjim beach.

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Shibu Kuriakose met people from more than 20 countries …

He gave his guests from all over the world a personalized and friendly treatment. She gave them Ayurvedic treatments, gave yoga and meditation classes, organized workshops with guests and other guests.

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